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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sorry i been a slack ass :(

hey gals n guys 
so sorry i been such a slack ass i cant believe i ha vent updated this blog in so long 
so much has been happening and life got crazy for while there but i think i got it all sorted and will be back on track....
so whats been going on?... well my partner hurt his foot really bad and had it crushed under some equipment at his job so i been looking after him, then my daughter got sick and then my partner again and somehow and i have no idea how but i never got sick :-O  
been attending nail class and we been practicing a french manicure and pedicures 
(i dread pedi's i cant stand touching feet even my own) 
just completed my first assignment on the 15 common nail diseases and to be honest here i felt like vomiting the whole assignment it was very gory for a nail assignment, never realized that so many things can go wrong with  your nails
so I'm going to scan my assignment so you gals can have a read its interesting, it was just the pics that were Gross as hell and lucky for me i ran out of ink in my printer so i did text only :) 
i become good friends with one of the girls in my class her name is tarsha she is a Lil sweetie such a awesome Chicky :) 
all the girls in my class are awesome in their own ways but tarsh my faves <3 aw, 
something else that happened is my good friend Christine whose nails i paint often is pregnant 
any ways i have alot of nail art photos to upload later on when i find my laptop charger and i will also take some photos of my nail kit for school 
(we only got Mani/pedi kit at moment will get rest as we do the subjects) 

OK i will gather my nail art pics and post them tonight when my daughter is in bed :)
xxooxx <3

p.s i really didn't realize that people do read this blog in 1 days i got 32 hits and i haven't updated for a month so that inspired me to keep at it, so keep checking back my loyal bloggy readers im here again promise :D

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