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Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Nail Polish Makes Me Happy :D

i love new nail polish colors woohoo!
i got 2 for my birthday and bought some more this week 
hehe so addicted to the BYS range of colors :)
i  only planned on buying 2 new colors i swear haha 
what i probably need to buy is a new camera this one is not the best lol
any ways i added the names of the polishes to the pictures 
i will probably take new photos and replace them anyway 
so enjoy:)

edited: photos replaced

Color Waves

Hey gals, 
I done this design on my good friend Christine
she choose the design off one of my practice wheels 
and i cant help myself i cant stick to a design 
I always end up changing it up to improve it 
but the results look so awesome 
I went to a party at her place and couldn't stop staring at her nails all night 
they look so cool
I'm totally into the teal colors at the moment 
I just love teal with purple :)
The Colors I Used To Create This Design Was:

BYS - Peacock Metallic
BYS - Pouty Purple
BYS - Kung Fu Blue
BYS - Lu Lu Blue
STAR NAILS - Silver Glitter

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hey guys so i am starting the nail course this Tuesday 
i am sorry for the lack of posts but i been super busy 
i turned 25 and i had a great birthday 
instead of going out i went to my first nail class 
which was just a information class but still interesting, 
lots of nice girls and the teacher seems OK :)
OK so the next few posts are catch ups from the week just been :)

French Manicure

pretty Lil french Mani <3
im sorry for the lack of posts this past few days iv been super busy had my Brother stay with his Girlfriend at my place :)  fun weekend..
so i will come back later on and edit this post and put up a few more if i have time when Jayla is in bed :)
omg i am turning 25 this Tuesday scary!!!

the polishes i used was

STAR NAILS - Silver Glitter 
BYS - French White
and some random nail stickers

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hey gals! n guys?
this design i done for my friend Christine and she officially loves it :)
these are so glittery that i had to warn her do not look at your nails while driving lol

OK so i used

BYS - Black & Gold
BYS - French White
STAR NAILS - Pink Glitter
STAR NAILS - Dark Green Glitter
STAR NAILS - Blue Glitter

Was very easy to do heres how

1. paint your nails nails black 
(or any dark color gives a good affect or white works good too)

2. with a striping polish or fine paint brush, paint white wavy lines over lapping from top to bottom 
(skip this step if white is your background)

3. 2 coats of glitter over the white lines (i used my striping brush glitters or you could use a fine paint brush)

TIP:  if you don't have a fine paint brush you could use a old thick one and cut the bristles until it is fine enough

hope you enjoy this design :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6 x 18 (105) Nail Art Designs on Practice Wheels

Ok this is what i do when i am bored
i bought 3 practice wheels on eBay and when they arrived one was broken so they sent me 3 more free :)
which was awesome coz i painted 2 full ones as soon as i got them :P
i dont know whether to buy more 
practice wheels or loose tips to practice on :-S
what do you think ? any ways this next pic is my favorite design :-)
leave a comment 
tell me your favorite design/s!
 (you do not need to sign in to comment)

UPDATED: i have taken new pics with my friends camera so they are so much clearer and show detail :) enjoy

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cool Striping Tape 10 Colors for under $6 with post off eBay

Hey, thought I would do a few posts of some of the things inside My nail box.
Some things that I think are cool and where to buy them from.

Firstly I tried so hard to get a photo of these but they are so Shiny and My camera is so crap :(
So I am using the photos from the listing where I bought them.
This is what the listing says:
  • Self-adhesive, no glue needed
  • Clean and convenient to use
  • Place it on nails or tips and cut off excess length
  • Apply top coat for the best result
  • Great for designing your own nail art, nail patterns, highlights, etc.
  • Can be used with UV gel, acrylic nail, nail polish, etc.
  • The best striping tape for nail art decoration
  • 10 different colors (Laser Gold, Laser Violet, Red, Silver, Dark Pink, Pure Gold, White, Violet, Green, Blue) 
OK the eBayer i bought these off were very good sellers, nice item, nice package, fast post.. all good no problems..
They look really nice and are very sticky 
i used them with my  GOLDEN LEOPARD design.
They are easy to use with the right tools, 
otherwise i think it would have been a lot harder especially with wet nails. 

this is what i used to help apply the striping tape:
I also used 2 coats of Topcoat but after 1 day they started to peel away from the edge of the nail, it got really annoying as more and more started peeling, so I just peeled them all off and it was all good, didn't look that bad afterward, i still wore the nails for like 2 days afterward, before i got bored of them hehe..
there pretty good but i haven't really used them since might give it a go sometime soon ;-)

(oh yer if you click the title to this post it will take you to the listing on ebay to buy these if your interested)

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey Gals
just a really quick post for the moment
until tonight when my 2yo is in bed :D (IL edit this one)
for the moment i will say


then later i will tell more :D
sooo.. today i am super excited and seriously cant stop thinking about it!
i will be "THE NAIL LADY"  haha
2 people i love so much are helping me get the course omg and soon :D
i have enrolled online to make sure there's a spot for me coz July 23rd is deadline
and it starts end of August (i think)  if i get accepted!
i will be able to finish it in 6months and get $5 childcare
so i can do it without worrying about my child while im there 
wooooooooop thanks centerlink lol

which means i will also have so much more stuff to blog about 

and if u live local i can practice on you woohoo.
i so cant wait to get the nail kit it has everything !!
i mean litterly everything so awesome!! 
like i get so excited when my $5 nail art arrives from eBay lol 
imagine when i get the kit IL probably pass out from excitement haha

so i will let u know what happens regarding that when i do :)

i did my nails last night they turned out OK but the photos turned out not so great coz they were very shiny, but IL see if i can salvage a good pic to post :) 
oh and so sad lol i broke a nail today :( 
so im going to do my nails again tomorrow i haven't got much time tonight then IL put a post up when their done..

have a good night xx

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Terrific Teal

Hand Painted
Terrific Teal


BYS - Kung Fu Blue
BYS - Hocus Pokus

Not really a Design just a quick 5 minuet job
But I Bought these 2 new colors and they go so nice together 
I will defiantly be using these 2 colors a lot :D

Simple Black and Rhinestone Dice

 Hand Painted
Simple Black and Rhinestone Dice

Using :

BYS - Black
Colored Rhinestones

So Easy and totally cute nail design!!
Thanks Gemma for letting me practice on you :)


Hand Painted 
Emoticons Nails


BYS - Sunshine
BYS - Bottle Blonde
BYS - White
BYS - Red
BYS - Baby  Pink

Fun Fun Fun :D    :-)    :P    :(    :-\

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Black and Gold Beauty

 Hand Painted 
Black and Gold Beauty 


BYS - Black & Gold
STAR NAILS - Gold Glitter

 Love this Design! did these for my friend Christine last night
they look so much better than the photo 
they were so shiny was really hard to get a good photo
but you get the idea :)