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Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey Gals
just a really quick post for the moment
until tonight when my 2yo is in bed :D (IL edit this one)
for the moment i will say


then later i will tell more :D
sooo.. today i am super excited and seriously cant stop thinking about it!
i will be "THE NAIL LADY"  haha
2 people i love so much are helping me get the course omg and soon :D
i have enrolled online to make sure there's a spot for me coz July 23rd is deadline
and it starts end of August (i think)  if i get accepted!
i will be able to finish it in 6months and get $5 childcare
so i can do it without worrying about my child while im there 
wooooooooop thanks centerlink lol

which means i will also have so much more stuff to blog about 

and if u live local i can practice on you woohoo.
i so cant wait to get the nail kit it has everything !!
i mean litterly everything so awesome!! 
like i get so excited when my $5 nail art arrives from eBay lol 
imagine when i get the kit IL probably pass out from excitement haha

so i will let u know what happens regarding that when i do :)

i did my nails last night they turned out OK but the photos turned out not so great coz they were very shiny, but IL see if i can salvage a good pic to post :) 
oh and so sad lol i broke a nail today :( 
so im going to do my nails again tomorrow i haven't got much time tonight then IL put a post up when their done..

have a good night xx


  1. Yay, I'm soooo excited for you Cherie, you're gonna do great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Chris next door ;)

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