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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6 x 18 (105) Nail Art Designs on Practice Wheels

Ok this is what i do when i am bored
i bought 3 practice wheels on eBay and when they arrived one was broken so they sent me 3 more free :)
which was awesome coz i painted 2 full ones as soon as i got them :P
i dont know whether to buy more 
practice wheels or loose tips to practice on :-S
what do you think ? any ways this next pic is my favorite design :-)
leave a comment 
tell me your favorite design/s!
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UPDATED: i have taken new pics with my friends camera so they are so much clearer and show detail :) enjoy


  1. hi Stanesha, i can try do a photo tutorial if there is a specific design you really liked :)

    I love them all, but my favorite is the third one down, the one with the flowers! Its blue and has pink flowers :) SO CUTE!
    I sound so stingy but lol here's my blog :)
    I write about how teenagers can survive school :) btw I agree with Stanesha, you should have a Step-by-Step tutorial, it would be really cool!

  3. i love them all i wish i was that good then my finger/toes would be looking great i wish i could find someone that would teach me not freak out cause me a strait guy wore his nails beautiful like yours. you are talented thank you for the pleasure of seeing your beautiful designs i cant wait to try some of your designs on my fingers and toes

  4. WOW these are ALL amazing!! I really like the green one in the bottom right of the third pic and the blue and white striped one in the second pic, but my favourite is DEFINITELY the yellow smiley face in the 5th pic!!


  5. thanks for your comments everyone i will try do some photo tutorials :) im not that great on video lol

  6. Willy Foo Foo i am following your blog =)

  7. ilovenails cool theres nothing wrong with you lol nails are fun. and if you try my designs i would love to see a picture



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