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Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 Short Nail Designs

Hey gals, hope everyone's been good? 
its been beautiful weather here in my part of australia lately.. so instead of spending time on the net blogging i been spending my time outdoors with my daughter taking advantage of the perfect days, i also been pretty busy with my nail course, i have been practicing acrylic nails heaps at the moment.. i love it 
..its soooo much fun, i think im good at it ? :-) 
...but i will see on tuesday when we practice on people for the first time, so that will be fun.

heres the 3 short nail designs..
hope you like them what you think??


1. Punk Rock

2. Girly
3. Glam

if you want me to do a post on my nail kit and everything inside it that i use for my nail course leave me a comment :-)


  1. Wow some really cute designs there, my nails are often short and Im not sure now to decorate them without them looking "crowded" but you seem to have the knack!

  2. Hi I really love these designs. The girly one reminds me of a watermellon. Too adorable. Your amazing at free handing designs! NICE WORK!!!!

  3. I am a new follower on your blog site please follow me back :) thanks


  4. I love your nail art. Will you post more pics of your designs? I just did my nails in that girly style you have and it is adorable!

  5. i am a nail technion.if you are not sure about your work,its better you dont post it.



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